Question: My teeth are rotating, what can I do?

It is advisable to consult a specialized dentist.

The teeth can be rotated due to several reasons: tooth extraction, loss of a tooth, agenesis, accident, natural migration, thumb sucking, infant swallowing, etc.

Orthodontic treatment, with rings or gutters, can straighten the teeth after a few months.

In some cases the realization of ceramic facets can recover an aesthetic alignment of your smile.

Question: I want to have a celebrity smile, but I'm afraid that my teeth will be cut (I still have my teeth in good condition), what are the solutions?

It is advisable to consult a specialized dentist.

You have good tooth, correctly aligned, it is possible to make a whitening to obtain a lighter shade.

In some people the inclination of the teeth is inward, it is possible to make pedicle facets that will be glued to the surface of your teeth without preparation to bring out it.

Question: I wish my dentist to work with you, how should I do it?

It is advisable to consult a specialized dentist.

It's easy for us to work with your dentist.

We will advise and assist in the success of your smile whether you are in France or abroad.

Question: My tooth broke, what to do?

It is advisable to consult a specialized dentist.

You have crowns of which one or some are broken: it is possible to remake them, but above all it will be necessary to balance the occlusion so that the pressure of the teeth is identical on all the teeth, when you tighten the teeth.

A fine analysis will have to be made during your movements of laterality, during the sliding of your teeth left and right side.

Question: I have old crowns and I do not like them anymore. Can I change them?

It is advisable to consult a specialized dentist.

You have crowns with a black or gray collar visible: it may be a remarriage of metal ion in the root and gingiva due to the acidity of your saliva. It is best to check your oral cavity PH.

Today we remove all types of alloys from our patients' mouths to replace with ceramics.

You have crowns some of which are opaque: you have made crowns in different years, unfortunately they are all unequal.

It is quite possible to remake the crowns to obtain a perfect harmony of colors, shapes, texture according to your personality and your wishes. I invite you to visit on the site the many examples of our aesthetic achievements with patient testimonials.

Question: I think I have a bad dentition. What are the solutions ? Where to start ?

It is advisable to consult a specialized dentist.

A bad dentition can generate various pathologies on your health of the migraine type, badly with the ATM, SADAM syndrome, stroke, dental wear, postural, digestive, ...

If possible, start orthodontic treatment at a young age (but not too much!) In order to stabilize the occlusion which will prevent postural pathologies, but also thanks to the alignment of the teeth, the gum and the bone will remain tonic and in good health.

It is advisable to visit the dentist once a year. It is better economically to maintain correctly it's young teeth so that the bill does not climb too fast !!

Question: I would like to have an exceptional smile, but the cost scares me. (Answer Kouchner's law, quote).

It is advisable to consult a specialized dentist.

You want to start a dental treatment. It is very important that you have confidence in the entire dentist-assistant-dental laboratory team, they are at your service.

You have the right to make several quotes, to have very precise information on the future dental treatment, to see achievements made by the practitioner or the laboratory.

For any aesthetic realization, it is better to see the prosthetist before the beginning.

Question: I have a toothache. Why ?

It is advisable to consult a specialized dentist.

It is best to do a descaling of the teeth every 6 months to avoid any pathologies due to inflammation of the gums. If a strong sensitivity to hot or cold is felt, one of your teeth must be treated.