Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design (DSD) was developed by Christian Coachman in the 2000s. It allows to develop, plan a multidisciplinary dental treatment project. It is a tool for communication, discussion between the various stakeholders of a dental treatment (orthodontist, laboratory, implantologist, patient).

We do within the Créatif Dentaire Laboratory and your dental office the Digital Smile Design for the last few years, moving towards CFAO and TENS (Neuromuscular).


From taking 2D photography to 3D, we realize your future smile upstream.

What will lead us to understand the problematic of your smile of origin, we treat your case with certainty to succeed your smile according to your aesthetic wishes (shade, form, occlusion ..)

The power of the new dentistry.

We bring you the solution to your problems of achievements of a harmonious smile through Digital Smile Design and Neuromuscular. We conduct a specific study for each case. We treat each case in the slightest detail with fervor.


  • Cab__ Put in the mouth: Maxillary implant loading / Mandibular mock-up placement
  •              Aesthetic creationGlobal Wax-up at the lower mandible / Realization of the temporary maxillary
  • Lab     Neuromuscular:  DVO recording      
  •              Digital Smile Design: Photo shoot
  • Cab__Hello Madam/Sir: Dental impression