Empress flank – Feldspathic

The dream of all creators of natural biomimetism. Empress and feldspathic ceramic allow us to go further in the creation of natural transparency. We play with these latest generation materials like natural enamel.

We deposit between 10 and 15 layers of ceramic powder like a good and generous French cake the Millefeuille as a painter with his brushes, we play with effects of nuances of hues and transparencies of saturation all different, such as a watercolor of R.Dufy or Mr. Chagall.

After baking at 910 ° under vacuum, to give them an intrinsic cooking purity such as diamond.

With finesse and delicacy we shape, we scratch, we chisel, we smooth very slowly the raw ceramic, to thickness of a nail from 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm with increased strength, to give them the morphology of a natural tooth. But we go even further, because we manage to give them a dynamic, a character, an elegance, a feminine lightness or a masculine robustness … the history of each one. Your teeth are born in the hollow of our hands. Today we are trying to remove all metal alloys from patients’ mouths, the future of a holistic dentistry.