Temporary teeth

There are two types of dental temporary:

  • time delay prostheses can be made by direct iso-molding or silicone key model diagnostic waxes (first generation).
  • Temporary prostheses can be performed in an indirect method, in the laboratory, for a long duration (second generation).

The impression and the photos + moldings of temporary dental restorations constitute important information elements for the aesthetic elaboration of the cosmetic chosen for the definitive smile.

Temporary restorations meet the following requirements: pulpal protection, stability, rehabilitation of the occlusal function, solidity and retention, perfect aesthetics.

Temporary quality can provide many important information regarding the future concept of realization as well as the wishes, desires, aesthetic desires of the patient.

Temporary prostheses are aesthetically and functionally modified until the final approval of the patient.

The provisional are made from diagnostic waxes.