The dental workshop


Porcelain processing workshop

This piece is dedicated to the patient!

It is a place of creation, artistic emulation, communication and emotions. Did you know that a crown has a thickness of 1.5 mm? In this 1.5 mm, we will superpose as a good millefeuille cake, between 10 and 15 powders, each with different shades and transparency.

This tooth will be scraped, carved, polished to give it an expression, like a marble Rodin bust. So what about 0.4 mm facets …

We wish to give you the joy of smiling.

CAD / CAM – CFAO Modeling Workshop

Every creation is supported by the technique.

The CREATIF DENTAIRE workshop has become a thought leader and pilot for the very high-tech CAD / CAM computer assisted machine brands.

These software are used in car manufacturing at Porsche or for Airbus aircraft.

Thus we are working on new intrinsically pure materials, with micrometric machining to ensure perfect fit.

  • EPSON DSC picture

Workshop for fingerprinting and casting alloys

Everything starts in this room!
As in the reproduction workshop of the Louvre Museum (Paris), we will reproduce your mouth in plaster thanks to the dental impressions made by the dentist.