Tint Sample

Taking pictures makes sense only if it is of quality.

The photos can be taken and communicate at the same time as your patient in your dental office, for an opinion, method of achievement, deadlines or choice of aesthetic design live by phone or email.

The interest of digital photos is to be able to store them easily and without degradation of quality and their transmission by email to the laboratory is easy and instantaneous.

In practical terms, it is recommended, for standardization of the image to maintain the same settings.

  • opening speed: depth of sharpness of a maximum of teeth
  • lighting: the flash needs to be diffuse in order to see the internal nipple effects and surface conditions
  • position: well perpendicular to the vestibular surface of the teeth (and not the face)
  • plain background: use of an oral black plate from one image to another

Front and side photos, mouth open, semi open and closed (patchwork), are useful to illustrate the realization of the cosmetic and the best choice of it.