Advances in the field of ceramics associated with CFAO have enriched our ability to go even further in aesthetic creation. Although unitary crowns were the most common indication seven years ago, more and more suprastructure or implant abutments and long-span dental bridge are also included.

Zirconium oxide has outstanding physical properties, flexural strength equal to steel, excellent biocompatibility and highly useful semi-transparent aesthetics.

“Incoris” zirconium oxide from Cerec is colored in the mass, thus allowing us to have a warm color and a constant intensity.


The level of semi-opacity or transparency of zirconia allows us to hide the abutment that is already under construction or already existing and some dichromatics. Zirconium oxide (ZrO2) is used in the tetragonal crystalline phase, partially stabilized with yttrium oxide. Polycrystalline zirconium oxide has an extremely high flexural strength (above 1200 MPa), which allows us to perform dental bridges of 2 to 12 teeth with 2 molar intermediates per side, 4 incitive intermediates or an extension molar.

Zirconia is used in a wide range of advanced aesthetic indications, functional rehabilitation and allergy to metals